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Although we don’t see it often, it’s inevitable that we all have a few patients that fall into the collections bucket.

Most collection accounts are caused by poor communication but others can’t be helped. We have an in-house collections process that results in less than 1% going to collections.  We contact the patient, patient’s contacts and family members when known. Our workflow includes standard invoicing, follow up calls, blocking a patient from scheduling appointments, warning letters and final notices. A final call out is made to each patient before referring them to collections. NO patient is ever sent to collections without the written consent of the practice. This consent is generated from the system with detailed steps on the processes used, up and until the recommendation was made.

For those that just won’t pay and ONLY after being authorized, do go to collections.

We have partnered with a leading national collections agent. The agent was handpicked by us for the following reasons:

  • National presence
    • Patients that move are followed
  • Quick submit
    • Minimal information is required to get started
  • Reporting
    • We are updated regularly on the processes and results
  • Start soft, finish hard
    • They will reach out to patients, contacts and family members by phone, write nice letters followed by strong demands. If necessary they will file suite in court and report all delinquencies to the credit bureaus.

To date we have not had a complaint from a patient sent to collections.

Collections costs are deducted from the amount collected and absorbed by the practice.